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The Ballad of Steve the Night Waiter

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Should Fans Control The Creators of Movie/TV/Video Game Franchises?

How much influence should fans have over the creators of their favorite franchises?

Lots of fans of movies, tv shows, and video games feel a sense of ownership of the franchises they love. Is this okay? Does it ever go too far? Just how much power should consumers hold with the creators and writers of their favorite franchises? We want to know what you think. Join in by answering with your opinions, thoughts, and examples and we’ll include the best ones in our show.



New episode of Face Rockin’! It’s the special E3 edition, check it out now! Also introducing: TechTrolls, Inc.! Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.


It’s E3 2012!!!!!

E3 begins!  We’ll be covering the event full force with multiple videos all throughout the week as part of the E3 2012 (Almost) Live Special on Barnes Bros TV! It all begins at 10am EST with a special early episode of Face Rockin’ explaining what we want from E3 this year!  Click HERE for the special E3 playlist on Barnes Bros. TV!

Also, follow us here and on Twitter as we post about the things that have us excited.  Get involved and let us know what you think, too!

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When All Memes Have Died

When All Memes Have Died