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"See, God Has Been Done With Sin. He’s Just Waiting For You To Be Done With It, Too."

God’s Been Done


"Are you humble enough to be helpless?"

Watch the new episode of The Love Experience with Jalen Barnes!

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After experiencing a failure, have you ever asked yourself “What’s Wrong With Me?” If so, this is for you.


"The night is darkest before the dawn. Won’t you be there to see it with me?"

Watch the new installment in “The Love Experience with Jalen Barnes” on the Barnes Bros. Salvation playlist.


Watch our live blog with Barnes Bros. Lifestyle Contributor Cacie Davis right now if you missed it. If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, fitness, or self-image, be sure to watch!

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"Why don’t you stop searching and why don’t you stop waiting and turn on the light."

A new installment in The Love Experience with Jalen Barnes on the Barnes Bros. Salvation playlist.

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The Love Experience with Jalen Barnes

The first installment of The Love Experience will be available tomorrow as part of the Barnes Bros. Salvation brand. The Love Experience is a series of video blogs where Jalen shares the love of Christ with the world. Jalen’s passionate desire to see people’s lives changed and bettered will shine through in every episode.

"God loves me, I love Him, and I love the world as God loves me"

Those words are the foundation for The Love Experience and Jalen’s mission to share God’s love for the world and each and every person in it. Don’t miss the beginning of The Love Experience tomorrow evening on the Barnes Bros. Salvation playlist.


100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!!

That’s right we reached 100 subscribers on Barnes Bros. TV!

Seriously, guys, you rock! It’s been a face rockin’ 9 months and we’re only getting started! We love you!

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It’s the Season 2 Finale of Face Rockin’! We ask the question: Do Fans Own The Content They Love? Watch now only on Barnes Bros. TV!