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Okay, okay we know you guys didn’t get what you REALLY wanted for Christmas…a teaser for Shane in Progress Part IV! More trailers coming soon!


Shane In Progress Part II - Tim Strikes Back

It’s finally here! The next-to-last episode of Shane In Progress!

Only on Barnes Bros. TV!

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Barnes Bros. Weekly #19 - Jalen Dropped The Nachos


We’re closing out the month of #August with the #final #episode of “Where’s Tim?” Find out the #truth of Shane’s #popularity and the #identity of SuperBurritoMan!

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Where’s Tim? Part II (Shane in Progress Interlude)

Shane in Progress continues! Zel discovers there’s someone else interested in what really happened to Tim Casey. Watch Where’s Tim? Part II now! 

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"So what you’re telling me is Tim leaving Barnes Bros. TV is the best thing to happen to Tim in Progress?" The saga continues! Watch the first "Where’s Tim?" interlude and then watch the new episode of Shane in Progress right here:

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New Web Series - Shane in Progress: The Search for Tim Casey

Introducing Barnes Bros. TV’s first official web series:  Shane in Progress: The Search for Tim Casey!

Tim’s little brother Shane has taken over Tim in Progress and Tim has gone mysteriously missing! Does Shane have something to do with it? How will Zel and Jalen respond to the new host of Tim in Progress? Will Tim ever find his way home and get his show back?! Find out in the short comedy web series, Shane in Progress: The Search for Tim Casey!

The series will play out over the course of a few months with the release of major episodes titled “Shane in Progress” and short interludes called “Where’s Tim?” While “Shane in Progress” will cover the main story, the “Where’s Tim?” interludes will show things from Zel and Jalen’s perspective.

So when can you watch the series? You already can! The first episode of Shane In Progress has already released and the first “Where’s Tim?” interlude will release simultaneously with the second Shane in Progress episode Friday morning!

You can watch the trailer HERE.


The Gamelympics Game 3: NBA 2K13

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Zel Really Liked Man of Steel


New episode of Shane in Progress! Wait, what?