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How To Get Young Justice Back On The Air

Simply search the tag “Young Justice” on Tumblr and then send Cartoon Network the link to the results. They’ll be scared into putting the show back on the air.


New episode of Face Rockin’! We talk about the cancellation of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes 

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Legend of Korra Theory-What If Aang Is Still Alive???

Now before you unleash a fury of nerd rants at me explaining that Aang can’t be alive because the existence of Korra means the previous Avatar is dead, I already know all that. In fact, when I first heard this theory from my friend, I immediately brushed it off because of that same logic.  BUT when she finished explaining her theory it kinda blew my mind.


Based on last week’s episode, it’s being sort of implied that Aang had to deal with a conflict before his death that may or may not have been connected to Amon and his plans.  What if Aang came up against Amon, or a predecessor to him, and had his bending taken away? THEN—since the Avatar is the manifestation of nature and all that—maybe nature just decided to move on to a new Avatar instead of waiting around for Aang to die. What if Avatar-ness is more tied to the ability to bend all elements rather than the person himself/herself?  If that were the case, Aang could very well be in self-imposed exile somewhere.

Now obviously this theory is a stretch, but I think it could be possible.  I mean we’d have to ignore the fact that Aang himself was the one who re-discovered energy-bending and how to take away bending abilities, and so the idea that he lost an energy-bending battle to someone else would be kinda lame.  But other than that, there’s no EXPLICIT evidence that he’s still alive.  I mean, Katara might be the only one who knows he’s alive and just not be saying anything to anybody.  She could have been the one who told everyone that he was dead when really he just felt disgraced for losing his bending and wanted to leave.

Anyway it’s just a thought and I don’t know if the comic series that takes place after the original show contradicts this theory or not but yeah.  Also, if this theory has already been brought up on the internet elsewhere, this is is my disclaimer that I didn’t steal it.  I really just heard it from my friend for the first time today.  So yeah. 

So what do you think?  Could Aang possibly, maybe, not likely, be-super-cool-if-he-was, be still alive?

Let me know what you think!!

(Thanks to my friend Cacie for the theory.)


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