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Season 3 of Barnes Bros. TV begins April 1st. #OpenYourEyes


Season 3 of Barnes Bros. TV premieres April 1st!

Season 3 of Barnes Bros. TV premieres April 1st!

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Introducing Tim Casey - The 3rd Barnes Brother

Zel and Jalen are pleased to welcome the newest addition to Barnes Bros. TV: Tim Casey.

A resident of Missouri, Tim Casey is a video blogger who first garnered attention from The Barnes Bros. with his entry to the 72-Hour Blimey Cow Film Festival, Love Is Messy.

In that short film and in all of his video blogs (visit his personal channel here), Tim’s penchant for comedic timing and quality video production is immediately evident.

After Tim submitted a fan video response to an episode of Face Rockin’, The Barnes Bros. knew they had to get him on their channel.

And so now, you can expect to see Tim Casey appearing regularly on Barnes Bros. TV with his own show, Tim In Progress, starting in Season 3 next year.

Buttttt since we’re The Barnes Bros. and we love our fans so much, we’re not going to make you wait that long to start seeing some of his content. So, we’re going to preview Tim’s new show by airing a few episodes of Tim In Progress THIS MONTH so you can see just how awesome he is and be even more excited about the premiere of Season 3 in 2013.

So, mark your calendars: The first Tim In Progress preview episode will air Tuesday, December 18th, 2012. Don’t miss it.

Say hello to Tim Casey: you’re going to be seeing a lot of him.

Also, it’s his birthday today so say Happy Birthday, too. Yeah.

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It’s Face Rockin’ time! Today we talk about the announcement of Apple’s newest iPad.

ALSO: Apple’s reach knows no bounds…

Next week’s topic is “Halo 4.”

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