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Where’s Tim? Part II (Shane in Progress Interlude)

Shane in Progress continues! Zel discovers there’s someone else interested in what really happened to Tim Casey. Watch Where’s Tim? Part II now! 


Live Video Chat Tomorrow!

We’ll be holding a live video chat tomorrow at 5pm EST on our YouTube channel and BlogTV profile.

We’re going to be sharing our thoughts and favorite moments of Season 2 and we’re going to tease some big things we’re planning for December and 2013.

Be there!


It’s A Wrap!

Well guys, we just wrapped shooting on Season 2 of Face Rockin’! We’re really excited for you guys to see what we came up with for the finale and we know you’re going to enjoy it. Season 2! Season 2!

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Watch in 1080p HD

It’s Face Rockin’ time! Today we talk about the announcement of Apple’s newest iPad.

ALSO: Apple’s reach knows no bounds…

Next week’s topic is “Halo 4.”

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Watch Retro Friday tonight at 6pm only on Barnes Bros. TV!


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